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All we need

Unsere Siebensachen. Oder auch ein paar mehr. Was uns wirklich beein- druckt: All das passt in unsere kleine Spinne. Wie genau, wird wohl immer ihr Geheimnis bleiben.

Our belongings – and then some. What really impresses us is how all of this fits into our little Spider; although, how exactly will probably remain a mystery.

Stuff: Camping gear, first aid kit, tent, sleeping bag, mat, torch, blow-up pillow, insect repellent, mini stove, foldable pan, cups and plates, sunscreen, beach towel, bikinis, bathing suit, sunglasses, sandals, wetsuit, speaker, snacks, drinks, picnic blanket, books, guides, rain jacket, foldable pocket iron, fancy clothes, summer clothes,  warm clothes, yoga wear, running shoes, diary, road map, toiletries, compass, roof rack, straps, waterproof bag, reggae CDs. 

Camera equipment: Analogue camera (Lomo), DJI Mavic Air drone, Sony alpha 6000, Carl Zeiss 19 mm, Carl Zeiss 35 mm, Nikon D810, Nikon D610, Sigma 24 mm, Sigma 35 mm, Nikon 24–70 mm, Nikon 70–200 mm, underwater housing, MacBook Pro, tripod , foldable tripod, flash, memory card, hard drive.

The car